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Champagne Bubbles

Because even though I'm painfully shy, I'm a really effervescent person.

Tina Cohen-Chang

Oh god ... not another "introduce yourself " thingies ... I suck at that , I never know what to say ... this is going to be painful. Oh Well , let's give it a shot ! (Note to self : stop using "...")
Let's start with the basic information : I'm 16 , asian , I go to William McKinley High School and I'm a member of the glee club. I'm what you call goth , but seriously don't get me started about the way I dress. I get that enough from my mom who tries to burn each of my new dresses .And the Principal running away from me in the hallways. Yes it's a weird school , but I'm awkward too. I guess it's meant to be. Okay well no maybe not. This presentation is going no where !!
Let's see .. other random and useless facts ... Oh I used to stutter ... long story but I'm over it ! wich means I'm over my shyness ... Well sort of ... I'm trying !! I love fashion (Yes ! I can dress goth with ripped clothes and enjoy fashion !) and I have annual sweater trades with one fashionista ( We miss you !). Okay you know what , I'm giving up on this presentation . Got a date anyway ! bye !
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