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Tina Cohen-Chang
06 June 2011 @ 10:54 pm
Well , I wasn't able to drive straight for the whole weekend but at least I didn't barf non stop. Kinda freakish that I see that as a good thing.
But seriosly , we are only young once . No matter what you do at the end of the day, life is too short. Live it to the fullest (I'm actually considering getting that tattooed. ) I honestly tasted the best cocktails ever. But then , everything next to Rachel's TikTok cocktail would sound good.
Ugh I just felt the taste of vomit in my mouth thinking about it ,I get the message , moving on ...

Anyway awesome party !!! We definitely need to get all together this summer. We kinda did nothing fun (and involving alcohol) last summer at all. Seriously guys ?

Leaving in a week for L.A . Cannot wait to see the sea . Yep , we don't have that in Lima. Anybody , feel free to tag along. I already kidnapped Brittany !

Signing off , I'm hearing my Mom's footsteps getting closer !

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Tina Cohen-Chang
31 May 2011 @ 06:45 pm
I won't talk about how we lost. Summer's here and I do not want to have my first summer post be all depressing.
The future will be brighter and I know it. I know that we will be national champions. I just know it , don't doubt it.

Which is why I'm going to talk about fashion a bit (And yes I know that all of you boys excluding Kurt are closing the window now ... )
I'm going to LA for a week (Yay ! And if anybody wants to come with me let me know , My aunt is letting me have her beach house , how great is that ?!)
So ... how can I still keep my black/victorian fashion without melting on the beach ?! GAAAAH ! Trust me it's hard to have a black-only wardrobe.


PS : Seriously anybody can come with me to LA as long as you pay your flight and tip in for the food, then it's fun fun fun !

[OOC : Thinking that having one week in LA could be a nice tiny story for the summer hiatus, and we could do some posts about it. Is it a good idea  ?All the willing characters could come ... Glee beach bash anyone ?]
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Tina Cohen-Chang
14 May 2011 @ 11:05 pm
I literally cannot feel my feet. They may have fell off during the dance. I'm too scared to check.

That aside amazing evening. I honestly though that there's no way something so cliche could be any actual fun. Oh well , proved me wrong (<3 you mike ! ). It was nice performing in front of the school without any riot and/or projectile vomiting. Great now I'm feeling sick.

On a less glittery note ,just got my computer and iPhone back. My mom took it from me. I don't know if she found out about the alcohol-incident-that-shall-not-me-name (don't ask me why) or if it's the horrible administrative and legal mess we were for a while .Coach Sylverster was actually able to change my name to Cohen-Loser over the phone. Try explaining to your parents that it's a member of the faculty that did that.
Yep, didn't buy me.

Anyway , I'm not going to ask her why. She's the type of people who only get's even angrier when you ask her "Why are you mad?"

Ahhh Family life. Isn't it wonderful ?


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Tina Cohen-Chang
24 February 2011 @ 11:02 pm
Seriously it's pretty bad.
Here's my short version of what pretty much happend

Laughing (x245246586794769)
Someone singing something outdated
Kissing Mike
Blackout ( also x375465 ... okay let's just say a pretty long one)
Torture is back ! (yaaaaay)
Bloody Mary Goodness and dancing like someone out of a 50cent music video
Mother (aka return of the Torture 3)
Ke-dollar sign-ha's doppelganger throwing up on Rachel
More barfing (Luckily I escaped to the backstage at least)
Alcohol Abstinence for what will seem like FOREVER !

Yeah it's long but as far as I'm concerned , this is it.
Or at least that I remember . I don't know if it's a good or bad thing .
If anybody knows what happened between kissing Mike and the Torture (Those events are not associated though ... trust me :P) please let me know

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Tina Cohen-Chang
21 February 2011 @ 09:15 pm
Hey it's me . It's been a while since we did anything out of school . Wanna go out later ?

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