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14 May 2011 @ 11:05 pm
On my way to raid a pharmacy.  
I literally cannot feel my feet. They may have fell off during the dance. I'm too scared to check.

That aside amazing evening. I honestly though that there's no way something so cliche could be any actual fun. Oh well , proved me wrong (<3 you mike ! ). It was nice performing in front of the school without any riot and/or projectile vomiting. Great now I'm feeling sick.

On a less glittery note ,just got my computer and iPhone back. My mom took it from me. I don't know if she found out about the alcohol-incident-that-shall-not-me-name (don't ask me why) or if it's the horrible administrative and legal mess we were for a while .Coach Sylverster was actually able to change my name to Cohen-Loser over the phone. Try explaining to your parents that it's a member of the faculty that did that.
Yep, didn't buy me.

Anyway , I'm not going to ask her why. She's the type of people who only get's even angrier when you ask her "Why are you mad?"

Ahhh Family life. Isn't it wonderful ?


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